NASPL's LLI will take place virtually from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. We will be utilizing our conference software Hopin for the majority of the conference and for our Dale Carnegie sessions we will be using WebX. 


Below you will find some information as well as a video explaining the HopIn Platform to make your seminar experience more comfortable.


Please let NASPL know if you have any questions or concerns. 

When you go to the Registration Link through the REGISTRATION page you will be able to register for the event. Here's a breakdown on what you are seeing on the screen:


Find events: Use this link to find more events hosted on Hopin. Featured categories include technology, education, career, professional development, health & lifestyle, entertainment and more.


Tickets: You have to claim a ticket to continue the registration process. Sometimes, organizers include information on the kind of access each ticket type has during the event, so be sure to watch out for that.


Hosted By: This gives information about the event organizer. You can click the website or email icon to contact them. Some organizers also include their social media links.


Description: This area contains a description of the event. Organizers use this section to gives details about the event and what you should expect as an attendee.


Sponsors: This segment displays the names of sponsors of the event.


Schedule: Use the schedule area to find the agenda of the event. Each schedule includes the time, description and speakers (if any) of a segment.


Speakers: Find the speakers at the event and their headline.


Booths: If the event has any booths or vendors, you are able to preview them here.


Once logged in and registered you will see a direct link to the event you are attending. Your Home page contains all the events you have registered for. You can click on the event to get in once it's time.

Note: You will have access to the event 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

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